Embrace the Transformation

Flow with Time. Rewrite your history. Embrace the power of Creativity and Technology.

Platform Development

Reach the highest potential of your project

We help you reach beyond your goals by using Data. Make impact through custom research, analysis and strategy.

  • Branding
  • Consultancy
  • New Tech
  • Benchmark & Forecast

Digital Touchpoints

Engage with your clients

We design a wide variety of digital platforms using modern web and mobile technology that best fits your project needs.

  • Web Design
  • e·Commerce
  • Mobile Solutions

Social Media

Your community is the key

We help you engage with your community seamlessly. Fit organically in the lives of your customers and make your brand part of their lives.

  • Digital Branding
  • Growth Hacking
  • Community Management

Computer Arts

Storytelling & Visual Design

Information Architecture to build customised multi-format digital experiences and next-generation storytelling & branding.

  • Campaigns and content
  • Media Production
  • Visual Communication
  • Graphic Design

Media Buying

Reach your target

We develop smart Channel strategies and content distribution to the right people in the right moments.

  • Campaign Optimization
  • Creative Analysis
  • Scaling Strategies
  • Traffic Sources


We are a local digital agency with global vision, a creative team with the strategies and knowledge of the big players and the hearth of an independent studio. We operate in Mexico City, Queretro and the Yucatan Peninsula since 2018.

Our Clients and partners

We work with clients from small business to startups and high-end companies, from a wide range of sectors. We work at all levels from CEOs to operational teams.


Our team is here to help you master the Digital Future of Industry and increase your competitive edge.

For the love of creation

We work with best-in-class tools and platforms to get your projects in the right way, according to your needs and budget.

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We can help you reach your strategic goals

carlos barrera puga

I've grown very close to the digital transformation since I was a child, first as a mere spectator, now as a player. I’ve seen business rise above by adopting the digital, from Retail and Hospitality to Automotive and Real Estate. Now it’s your time to get there by embracing this new world with an holistic approach rather than just a fad or a marketing stunt.

Carlos B. Puga
Founder, Plasmic Studio
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